Center for Community Development

Center for Community Development caters to the needs of the community at large. In an effort to upskill individuals to contribute to the society and community it offers guidance, and leadership in creating positive social change.

The Center for Community Outreach Programs will be involved in developing volunteers for specific educational outreach programs in underserved areas in the country Individual volunteers, or NGOs, CSR employees of private and government organizations will be trained in their specific project related activities before embarking on the projects Skills taught would include project management and program implementation, fundraising, volunteer development, strategic planning, etc. Facilitators will be trained for specific projects

Target Audience:
  • Community Volunteers
  • NGOs and Government Bodies
  • CSR departments and employees of private or government firms
  • Facilitator Training
  • Courses:
  • Volunteer Development
  • Conducting Fundraisers
  • Strategic Planning
  • Building Partnerships
  • Project Implementation and Management
  • Facilitation Skills