Center for Behavior and Social Science
The Center for Behavior and Social Science aims at providing education and skills in the areas of Applied Psychology and Behavior Sciences, and helping enhance personal effectiveness through training for the general public.

Learning is a life-long continuous process. Many individuals may want to enhance their own personal competencies in different spheres of life whether it is for the self-development, to pursue a passion, or for professional development. To cater to the needs of these individuals who may be looking for such opportunities, the Center offers courses in areas of of personal effectiveness, professional development and self-development

Method: All workshops are experiential, participative and interactive.

Professional Enrichment Workshops will be provided for:


to help them develop themselves in their personal and professional competencies critical to them to achieve their long term goals, and to be successful in their careers.

Workshops and seminars for students will be delivered as open programs or in partnership with schools, colleges or universities.


Individuals in the community to help them develop themselves, overcome personal barriers, reach their full potential and achieve their goals


Career Related Workshop Series

Personal Effectiveness Series:

Leadership Skills

Communication Skills Series

Interpersonal Relationship Skills