Center for Community Development

Program Description This is a unique course aimed at creating positive social change through action. This is based on the community leadership programs run by various counties in the USA. The focus is to develop leadership skills while dealing with real-life problems that will help the community. Long term effects of such programs are creating positive mindsets, becoming action oriented, upskilling the community, creating grass-root leaders and a positive attitude change and creating grass roots leadership to address local issues of a community.

For Whom

  • For any person who wants to build leadership skills through hands-on problem solving
  • For any person who wants to take up an issue, and find solutions for a community based challenge
  • NGOs/Groups working on specific projects/problems

  • Education and training

    A 6 to 8-month program which will be run as a cohort. Each individual in the cohort will work for a solution based approach for a problem that he or she is interested in. In the process, the participant will learn important leadership skills such as decision making, time management, working in teams, working through conflicts, idea generation, taking initiative, motivating others, and leading to a solution or potential solution and looking for ways to sustain change

    Participants will gain skill in:

  • Leadership Skills such as: Taking Initiative to work on an issue and find solutions.
  • Problem Solving Skills such as: Defining a problem, using creative thinking and other problem-solving methods to address the problem, appreciative inquiry, choosing interventions, evaluation models
  • Working with Others: Building a team outside the class, working with stakeholders
  • Change Management: Implement change management models to create the mindset for change among stakeholders
  • Communication skills such as: Negotiation, Influence, Persuasion,
  • Project Management Skills such as: project planning, and implementation, Each week the class will show progress on the problem and present their progress to the class
  • By the end of eight months each participant will present his/her project results. The participants can continue to work on this “problem” even after the class is over

    Course will be facilitated by facilitators trained in leadership skills, and those who are deeply involved in community service, community development and community upliftment.